We use diverse building blocks—branding, PR, digital/social media, advertising, events, partnerships, and more—to reach new customers and markets, increase visibility, enable creativity, and change behavior.

Media Relations

Whether it’s a major business announcement or a compelling human interest story, we identify media-worthy stories and frame them in compelling ways. We draw on strong relationships with reporters and editors to pitch your stories to the right media outlets at the right time. And, we help you and your spokespeople become more confident when working with the media.

Digital Strategies

We create responsive experiences that engage and activate your most important audience. Finding fans across a growing ecosystem of digital touchpoints, we produce action-plans that deliver returns on your digital investment.

"We're all working together; that's the secret."

− Sam Walton

Bricks & Bone is a collaborative consultancy for communications, development, and media. Our clients are nonprofits, businesses, authors, and artists seeking a unique alternative to the high-cost, low-yield, one-size-fits-all style of other agencies.

We believe that in order to get to authenticity and results you need to keep going down to the bone, and from there you can build a strong foundation brick by brick, make strategic choices and identify your real priorities.

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